Woman snorkeling underwater in Key West

5 Reasons To Go Snorkeling in Key West, Florida

Key West, Florida is famous for its unbelievable natural beauty. During your next island visit, go on a snorkeling trip to experience Key West’s intricate marine ecosystems up close. The colorful coral, unique wildlife and schools of tropical fish will astound you. Perfect for beginners or more advanced snorkelers, don’t pass up an opportunity to be immersed in island paradise.

1. Snorkel the third largest living coral reef in the world.

Image of Snorkeling at Key West Coral Reef

Key West is home to the third largest living coral reef in the world and the only coral reef in North America. Take a snorkeling trip in Key West to witness the beauty of this natural wonder up close. Just seven miles offshore, it’s a unique opportunity to swim among schools of tropical fish and bright coral. Fury Water Adventures also donates a portion of each snorkeling trip sold to MOTE Marine Laboratory, a leading non-profit in marine research and coral reef restoration. Just put on your snorkeling gear and dive in for a coral reef adventure!

2. Snorkeling is perfect for beginners or more advanced water sports enthusiasts.

Image of Snorkeling in Key West

No matter what your snorkeling skill level is, expert tour guides work to ensure your comfort and safety during a snorkeling excursion. Enjoy the fascinating coral reefs at your own pace. Tour guides even offer life jackets and pool noodles for beginners with minimal swimming experience. Don’t be afraid to get your fins wet and explore the aqua island waters.

3. Enjoy one-of-a-kind historical attractions.

Image of Dry Tortugas National Park Snorkeling
One of the most unforgettable activities in Key West is snorkeling at the Dry Tortugas National Park. Hop on the Yankee Freedom III catamaran and make your way to Fort Jefferson at the Dry Tortugas. Fort Jefferson is the largest masonry structure in the Americas and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Once you’ve toured the impressive fort, don your snorkeling gear and snorkel one of the world’s hidden gems. You might even decide to go bird watching or camping while you’re visiting the Dry Tortugas.

4. Witness sea turtles and sharks in their natural habitats.

Image of Sea Turtle in Key West

If you’re lucky, you’ll spot some sea turtles and sharks during your snorkeling excursion. The aqua waters of Key West and the beautiful coral reef house many unique creatures, and you can swim alongside them on a Key West snorkeling trip. Your waterproof camera will come in handy to snap a few photos of your close encounters with wildlife in their natural habitats!

5. Gain an entirely new perspective on island life.

During a snorkeling trip in Key West, you’ll gain an entirely different perspective on island life. Uncover brilliant underwater treasures in addition to all the fun on land. Expand your horizons, explore crystal blue Key West waters and experience the only coral reef in North America up close.